Garden, and GatherHowdy there, dear reader, all one of you! I’m back, and plan to begin posting pretty regularly, as I’m working on Book 3 of the Demon Catchers series, and getting involved in climate action, food sovereignty, and Native issues. I’m thinking a lot about prejudice, food, survival, my European immigrant culture, colonization, and how to work together and have a good time.

The book is at about 130,000 words and still pretty messy, but there have been exciting developments…Mia and her family continue to delight me. They also startled me by having a big argument that wasn’t in the outline but might be a really good idea. The creative process is hilarious.

Next week I head up to the Indigenous Farming Conference for a couple days, and so I hope to have stories to tell, and permission to tell ’em.

Hugs all round, as my brother would say!