I love my life. Among the perks: having excellent friends. One of these, film director Scott Gracheff, showed up in town this weekend. He was here chaperoning his documentary The Rugby Player at the Wisconsin Film Festival. I got to see this fantastic, damn funny portrait of a 9/11 hero, and I got to go out to dinner with a person who is truly dedicated to art.

Scott doesn’t make a living from his heart’s work right now. He takes freelance film jobs all over New York, so that he can pay his half of the rent and keep shooting his current project. He approaches any subject with a deft, intense attention that uncovers layer after layer of truth and story. He’s got mad skills for telling that truth and story, too.

And he’ll totally fail to mention that he’s won an Emmy.

These are all qualities I long to have in my character and my work, so I feel incredibly inspired today, and I thought my readers would be too. You can do this, you have what it takes: you just have to prove it to yourself.