What a year already! It’s been a good one for me in many personal ways, but I do have important news for my readers. Egmont USA, the publisher of my books The Demon Catchers of Milan and The Halcyon Bird, closed its doors on January 31. They originally said they would keep my books in distribution, then announced that they were going to remainder or pulp nearly everyone’s books. I had about 72 hours to tell them how many I wanted. So, as far as I know, nearly all the copies of my novels not in private hands are sitting in my basement. It’s surreal.

Egmont USA had assembled a crack team that should have been given a better chance by its parent company, and I have had nothing but support and help from its very busy employees as they close down shop. I wish them all the best, especially Margaret Coffee, our publicist, Ruth Katcher, my incredible editor, and Andrea Cascardi, our publisher.

And now…what next? My readers have gotten really attached to Mia and her wacky family. A novel is a hell of a work of love, in any case, but now it’s a work of love for my readers as well. I’ve been touched by the passionate attachment readers have for Mia and her family. I’ve had people call demanding that I deal with a character differently. I’ve had emails begging me to hurry. It’s great. So do not despair: I’m working on the third novel. I’m about to set a personal deadline for a draft, and I’m looking about me for a publisher. Egmont’s decision to remainder or pulp may actually help, as that means distribution rights for the first two books have reverted immediately to me—and so I can give them to whomever wants to bring out the third book, and they won’t have to arm-wrestle with Penguin/Random House or anything.

If you’re having trouble getting hold of a hard copy or an ebook, contact me. I’m still ironing out some of the weirdness, plus it’s tax time and I have a toddler who’s been sick a lot this winter, so be patient, but I can and will help you.

Once I’m finished with a draft and the third book is roaming the grasslands searching for a new home, I’ve got four possible projects in with my agent. Together we’ll pick one. All are fun. Only one is YA. One’s next door to erotica…and I mean like it probably shares a yard with erotica, and some fruit trees too. One’s alternate history, and one’s history with magic. I like all of them a lot, and hope you will too.

In the meantime, here’s the tentative title to the third book in the series The Demon Catchers of Milan:

In Plain Sight.

You bet it’s gonna be fun.