Here it is at last.

Here’s the story. At WisCon 38 I attended panels on badass women in history. At the end of the last one I asked, “So where’s the place on the web where we can find all these articles and links and book reviews about badass women in history?” Everyone, including the gals on the panel, looked at me blankly.

I said, “Oh. I get it. To me, please, afterwards, if you want to help.”

So here we are: Broad Universe is kindly hosting us. Send your links, articles, oral histories, and so forth to me through the contact page at Broad Universe; please read these brief submission guidelines.

So far, with a handful of posts up, I’m already a bit stunned by the emotional effect on myself, let alone anyone else. We hear all the time that we should know our history, but acting on that–reading and absorbing the idea that you are part of a group of people who have done extraordinary things for millennia, is a whole ‘nother beast.

I long for better words to explain this sensation. No doubt some fantastic person has already written/spoken/sung them.

I am looking forward to turning this little node into a giant resource for women and their allies on the Internet.