Here’s this week’s post for the Badass Women in History node…I encourage you to submit articles, links, oral histories and so forth!

So you’ve heard about this Web Node for Badass Women in History, and you’d like to submit something, but you can’t think of anyone. We would like to encourage you to think back through your own family stories. It doesn’t matter if your grandmother wasn’t famous; nearly all Badass Women weren’t. But all of us, all of us, are descended from Badass Women: they had to be badass.

Just think back. No matter where you live or who you came from, there were women who got through the hard times and survived to give birth to your ancestors. Remember the tales your family tells, and send us your grandmothers. Well, they would probably object vigorously if you tried to send us their actual selves, but you know what we mean.

We need your badass women! Submission guidelines and link. Read once, submit thousands of times; easy and quick.